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Amacasa Ammoniaca Amoniak perfumowany 1L


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Perfumed ammonia is a popular cleaning agent that combines ammonia with a pleasantly scented aroma. It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. Depending on the type, it is suitable for both hard surfaces, such as tiles and metal, and soft ones, such as fabrics and carpets. Also great for removing grease, dirt, stains and other contaminants. The pleasant smell makes it an ideal choice for use in homes, because it is not only exceptionally effective, but also leaves the rooms with a fresh aroma for a long time. In addition to cleaning properties, perfumed ammonia also has disinfecting properties, making it useful for killing germs and bacteria on a wide variety of surfaces.

Our original Italian perfumed ammonia is ideal for all household applications – it degreases, cleans and polishes. Dissolved in water, it is perfect for cleaning windows. We assure you that this is an authentic product coming straight from Italy. Thanks to this, it is characterized by excellent quality and a unique fragrance. All this makes cleaning with its use pleasant and extremely effective.

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