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Barilla Pesto Rustico Bazylia i oliwki bruschetta 200g


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BARILLA Pesto Rustico Basil & Olive on bruschette pizza bread 200 g

Delicious pieces of olives and aromatic basil give the pesto a unique texture and exceptionally intense flavor.

  • Perfect for pasta and bruschetta
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten free

Perfect for:

Bruschetta, pizza and any other bread. Just spread pesto rustico basilico and zucchini – and enjoy. Even more delicious recipe ideas that go beyond a slice of bread: it perfects any pasta, tastes great as a salad dressing and is the perfect dip for grilled meat and vegetables.

Ingredients:  green tomato sauce, basil, olives, sunflower oil, corn fiber, onion, cashew nuts, salt, rice starch, basil extract, concentrated lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain traces of other nuts.

Made in Italy

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